Gemstone Lights

CMD Electric Ltd. is an authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights in the Durham Region. With these beautiful app-controlled LED lights, you’ll never have to worry about hanging your Christmas lights again. What’s even better; there are endless options for colour and patterns for every occasion, including white LED options for architectural lighting.

Brooklin – December 2022

So much more than just holiday lights…

Accent Lighting

With the ability to select individual lights in the system you can designate which lights stay on and which lights are off to create stunning architectural accent lighting.  Our system allows you to choose multiple shades of white light as well.  From a cool, bright white to a soft warm white, you can fine tune your accent lighting to achieve just the right colour and light up your home every night of the year!

Brooklin – December 2022

Security Lighting

Multiple timers allow you to set up different configurations for every night of the week.  If you have a regular routine to and from work or other activities, you can have your lights come on five minutes before you pull in the driveway to illuminate the whole house and yard, then revert back to your standard accent lighting at other times.

Whitby – December 2022


Fully Customizable Colours

Holidays, birthdays, sports teams, parties.  These are just a few ways to use your lights, and with millions of colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect hues to display.

Whitby – November 2022

Customizable Lights App

Our system is a cloud based system that allows you to control your lights from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Oshawa – September 2022

Warm White LED

Most systems utilize RGB colours, but our system incorporates a warm white diode to give you a wider range of colour.

Whitby – July 2022

Waterproof Connections

Our LED’s are individually connected to one another with waterproof, compression fit connectors.  You shouldn’t have a problem, but if you do, it’s easy to change the lights without splicing wires.

Ajax – November 2021


Our LED’s are rated to last over 50,000 hours, but the manufacturer backs up our products with a FULL 5 year warranty.

Burleigh Falls – Cottage – June 2022

Quality Tested

Gemstone Lights use only their own lights, controller, app, wire, and track – no third party components. The Gemstone Lights permanent lighting system has been tested and proven in the bitter cold of Canada.

Oshawa – December 2021

Dimmable Lights

Because we have 3 LED’s in each light, our lights are significantly brighter than other systems, but we also give you the ability to dim them if you feel they are too bright.

Whitby – August 2022

Set Multiple Timers

Set multiple timers for anything you wish.  You can have your accent lights come on nightly and even set a timer to display your favourite sports team colours on Game Night.

Ajax – November 2022

Architectural Lighting

With the ability to select which individual lights you want on along with a range of different shades of white, you can create stunning architectural accent lighting that will WOW your neighbours.

Whitby – December 2022

Low Profile Design

Gemstone Lights are secured in a colour matched track system that is made in the Gemstone shop. With hundreds of different factory painted aluminum colours you’re sure to get a perfect match that blends in with your soffit and fascia making the system near invisible when off. Track comes in a variety of depths and styles that work beautifully with nearly every property.  They are virtually invisible during the day, but allow the lights to come alive at night.

Goodwood – November 2021

Mesmerizing Animations

Our lights fade in and out, blink, chase each other, and so much more to create the animated effects you’re looking for no matter what time of year or what colours you’re trying to display.

We call John McLelland Contracting Inc. for a Lift when required


Each house varies in size and footage, and we are happy to provide you with a free quote, If you are looking for a quote or for more information, please fill out a quotation request at Gemstone Canada – or just send us a message.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

Sebastian and his team did a fantastic job from start to finish.

-K.P (via Gemstone Lights Canada)

CMD Electric did and fantastic job and provided an amazing experience. I continue to recommend CMD Electric to neighbours, family and friends!

-J.S (via Gemstone Lights Canada)

Sebastian and his team at CMD Electric were great to deal with! They came to do our installation on a Sunday after having to push our install date back a few days, which was amazing! It was pouring rain all day and the guys made sure to get everything done and correctly. They asked to use our garage for shelter to store their materials and cut the tracks and they left the work place so clean you wouldn’t even know that they were there. We would defiantly recommend Sebastian and his team to our friends and family.

-K.C (via Gemstone Lights Canada)

Sebastian was great to work with. At our appointment for an estimate he explained how the track lighting system worked and what was involved with the installation and operation. On installation day, he and his crew arrived on time and did a great job installing and explaining how everything worked. When they were finished the crew did a great job cleaning up and Sebastian went the extra mile with following up with us after to make sure we were aware of the warranty and websites, and to make sure everything was working properly. I would highly recommend Sebastian to others!

-M.K (via Gemstone Lights Canada)

Sebastian was great! He took the time to show me how to use the app. I’m so happy with the lights. I just love them. I encourage anyone looking to install Gemstone lighting to contact CMD Electric, he will do a great job for you!

-B.H (via Gemstone Lights Canada)